We are

We Are …

a young company, which has set itself the goal of supporting users in their search for relevant information. It offers help in navigating through complex, unmanageable amounts of data and enables users to select relevant information and filter data as quickly as possible.

In one sentence:
Analyzing Data and Distill it into Knowledge and Insights

Founded By …

Felix Gundlack Dr. Alexander Lorz.

An organization is a machine consisting of two major parts:
Culture and People. – Ray Dalio –


Felix …. because I do not want to read/filter myself through huge amounts of data! I want to have a system that asks specific questions and gives the most relevant suggestions. (e.g.: what are the keywords to select the right van for my adventure)

Alexander … because I want a system supporting me in achieving my goals.

Driven by three main questions

If you want to search successfully, you must know what you are looking for!

How do I stay up to date in a world where new products pop up every minute?

How do I search for things which are of high interest and value to me right now or in my future – not in the past?

We Provide

Innovative Access to your Opportunities and Offers

To help navigating through complex and vast amounts of data

Fast Data Filtering and Selection

To find what you need with fewer than ten questions

Control over a Never Ending Flow of Information

To give you a clear path to Your opportunities and offers

To give you a concise overview of relevant opportunities and offers




Do you have what you need?

Do you know what you are looking for when you start searching?

What fits my current interest is valuable for me?

How do I get to things of high interest and value for me if I don’t know them yet?

New products every minute …

How do I handle fast change and dynamics of todays environments?


Our Solution

SmartSearch.ai analyses vast amounts of data and can calculate similarities within them.

Via an iterative collection of keywords and analytics of underlying data we are providing a guide-system to navigate through the digital data environment. The implementation of this systems is realized in a various ways. Questionairs, Chatbots and also graphical representation are potential options to collect and visualize relevant information.

Mapping extension’s networks: Using social network analysis to explore extension’s outreach – Tom Bartholomay, Scott Chazdon, Mary S. Marczak, Kathrin C. Walker